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The Sin of Literality

Perhaps the most important mystical concept ever conceived of by the human mind, is what is known as the ‘Sin of Literality’—the realization that nothing in the universe is quite as it seems, and it is Willful Ignorance, the greatest ‘sin’ of them all, to take our limited and inherently mistaken conceptions of the world at face value.

As an example, consider the concept of Sin itself. In an…

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The Nootropic Revolution

It has not escaped the attention of this generation that in many ways the current decade is a cyclic recurrence of the 1960s. Consider the ever-growing anarchic–collective subculture both on- and off- line reacting to the mass-market mainstreaming of the…

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On Neuro-Occultism: Time and Consciousness

Most people walk through the world, living their lives from birth to death without ever questioning the ticking clock, the rising and setting of the sun, the pulse of the atom. Time, both friend and enemy, seems by all accounts and measures the truest of…

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On Neuro-Occultism: Development of the Nine Circuits of Consciousness

Read “On Neuro-Occultism: Development of the Nine Circuits of Consciousness” now on the Phoeron’s blog:

In Timothy Leary’s and Robert Anton Wilson’s versions of the Eight-Circuit model of consciousness, they both argue in favour of a developmental model of the Conscious Mind derived from the Biogenetic Law, i.e., Recapitulation Theory, that ontogeny…

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